Days are getting longer and warmer as summer approaches. Before dinner me and my kids finished the last episode of the last season of Stranger Things. The series offered me the several points of reflection. The usual solitary dinner spontaneously become a ground for the obvious effort: to confront my shadows. I wasn’t able to resist the temptation to look straight in the face of my fears, the same fears that if once were just in my mind, then last year become a reality. What’s worst than one summer without living in the same home of the people you love? Two summers.

I am feeling it. The emptyness, the silence, the absense of those noises that once overwhelmed me and now can’t help but longing. Those morning fragrances, those giggles. Damn, was it necessary for me to do all that! Evidently yes and the road ahead is still paved with so many more inner teachings.

My heart to the one I love.

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