One face of Freedom

Yesterday I went trail running for about two hours. It was a pleasant sunny and warm day. I reached a cross on the top of a relatively low mountain near my town. While running I had music pods on. It helps me connect more to my mind and spirit. Sport and music help me a lot these days.

Amongst the several thoughts pondered, there is one that emerged and I’d like to share:

Freedom is when what you would like to do is the same as what you should do.

Davide Masserini

This thought came about because I have noticed how I’ve been struggling a lot in my life to make this two impulses live together: the urge to do what you should do and the drive to do what you want to do. So I thought how peaceful it would feel if what I should do would coincide to what I want to do and well, yesterday I did feel it, after all.

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